Why: The Story of MontVue

For many years when asked to tell the story of MontVue, we would always start: ‘When we founded the company in 1999…’ But, with much history of MontVue having been written, we now understand that the story of MontVue was crafted over generations by both experiences and people.

They married and settled on property in Nelson County, Virginia which had been in the family since the mid 1800’s. Neither had much education, but they had more than their share of heart and work ethic.

Sarah Burnett was one of those children and Anne Scruggs is the child of another.


The longer we work at creating and shaping MontVue, the more we realize just how connected it is to our family roots.

As our relationships with our clients grow, expanding into their financial lives beyond investments, now more than ever we draw upon the character and personal qualities we learned in our youth.

Today we serve a diverse client base—in terms of age, background and professions. But each client has created or grown their personal wealth through hard work, sacrifice, grit and opportunity.

A lot like Annie and Bob.

A Tribute to Bill Russell

Much about the MontVue approach to clients was influenced by our late colleague and mentor, Bill Russell (William Horace Russell, III.) In the 1980s when Sarah worked for Central Fidelity Bank in Lynchburg, Bill was the head of the western region trust area and had the reputation of being the best trust guy in Virginia—tough as nails and beholden to no one.