What: The MontVue Approach

Holistic wealth management is a good term to describe what we do. We help clients achieve life, philanthropic and financial goals through custom portfolio management, plus coaching, planning and support in their broader financial lives.

We offer a relaxed, non-intimidating environment that allows us to develop trust and partnership with our clients. As a MontVue client, you can expect:

  • Investments reflecting your risk tolerance, goals and beliefs

  • Support with financial planning and execution at any stage of life

  • Coaching and accountability to execute your plan

  • Proactive coordination with your team of professional, tax and estate advisors

MontVue is a fee-only registered investment advisor. We receive no compensation from commissions, referrals, or product sales. This gives us the independence to always act in your best interest.

Holistic wealth management requires the right fit and chemistry between client and advisor. We offer a complementary initial consultation to get acquainted and explore whether we’re the right firm for you. If you’re ready to schedule a visit, please drop us a line.