How: Financial and Life Planning

Financial and life planning is personal and specific to each client. We won’t offer you a one-size-fits-all plan or canned advice. Instead, our financial and life planning work is highly specific and individualized.

We like to start with a good chat about the challenges you’re facing and where you’d like to be. We’ll help you identify alternatives and choices, we’ll look at what’s practical for your family, and we’ll flush out the constraints and complicating factors that need to be considered. Then we’ll put everything on paper in a roadmap that will guide you forward.

But you won’t be traveling alone.

Since every client’s financial plan is unique, we know that each client will find different aspects of their plan challenging. We can help you identify and face the “hard parts.” We’ll have some candid conversations about the parts of the plan that only you can execute, and what support and accountability you need from us or from others to be successful. In many cases, we’ll also help coordinate other key players in your plan such as trust services, tax advisors and estate settlement services.

Your role

Our financial planning services are most successful with:

Clients who are:

Willing to be open and honest, and even at times vulnerable with us.

Clients who are:

Willing to stay accountable to execute their portions of the plan.