Fees & FAQs

Annualized Management Fees

1.00%: First $1,000,000

0.50%: The next $2,000,000

0.30%: All over $3,000,000

Our minimum requirement for private investment management is $500,000 under management.

Planning and Consultation Fees

Financial and life planning services are free of charge for existing management clients.

Hourly Fee: $150.00 per hour

Initial consultations are free of charge.
Please inquire for pricing on Employer Sponsored Financial Wellness programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a registered investment advisor, and why is this different from other investment managers?
Registered investment advisors have a fiduciary duty to their clients, which means they have a fundamental obligation to put the client’s interest ahead of their compensation and any other considerations. An example of how this plays out practically: as a registered investment advisor, MontVue’s revenue is derived entirely from the fees which are outlined on this website. We don’t make any income through commissions or incentives, and so we have no reason to recommend a particular product or investment.
Why do I need a wealth manager? Can’t I do it myself?
Not if you’re serious about your goals. The planning and investing discipline that we offer will move you toward your goals faster, with much more clarity and efficiency, and with much less stress than you would be able to accomplish on your own. It might seem intimidating to reach out to a wealth manager, but we pride ourselves on being as approachable as we are professional. We’re here to help you invest and plan to accommodate your specific goals.
I’m looking for an investment manager, but I’m not interested in the financial and life planning aspect. Can I still work with MontVue?

At MontVue we’ve made an intentional decision to marry together our investment and planning services. It’s how we do our best work, and we seek clients who are looking for that blend. There are many fine investment managers who offer investments without financial and life planning. We’d be happy to make a recommendation.

I’d like more detail about the business practices and qualifications of MontVue.

Please see our Form ADV Part 2A brochure, which may be downloaded from this page. This brochure, which is a regulatory requirement, contains extensive detail on our business practices and qualifications.