If so, we might just be a good fit as your wealth managers

What We Do

Holistic Wealth Management + Life Planning

Our particular blend of wealth management and financial/life planning requires the right fit and chemistry between client and advisor. We offer a complimentary consultation to get acquainted and explore whether we’re the right firm for you.

Our Part

We help clients achieve life, philanthropic and financial goals through custom portfolio management, plus coaching, planning and support in their broader financial lives.

Your Part

We work best with clients who have created or grown their own wealth through hard work and who are willing to work openly and collaboratively with us.

News & Nudges

June 19, 2018
Welcome to MontVue new website

Welcome to the New MontVue Website

We are pleased to unveil a new website, which we believe will serve as a resource for you, our clients, and for those “future clients” who […]
June 18, 2018
MontVue Identity Theft

Preventing Identity Theft

Most of us are incredibly reliant on our cellphones these days. They have, in a lot of ways, become our little pocket-sized computers. You need to […]
June 18, 2018
MontVue Cellphone Updates

The Importance of Regular Cellphone Updates

Cybersecurity and identity theft are ever increasing concerns these days. Here are some best practices for you if you are among one if the millions potentially […]

A Tribute to Bill Russell

Much about the MontVue approach to clients was influenced by our late colleague and mentor, Bill Russell (William Horace Russell, III.) In the 1980s when Sarah worked for Central Fidelity Bank in Lynchburg, Bill was the head of the western region trust area and had the reputation of being the best trust guy in Virginia—tough as nails and beholden to no one.