A private, independent, fee-only wealth management and financial planning firm.


Private Investment Management: Our primary service is management of investment funds. Investments are tailored to each individual client and range from conservative, all fixed-income to aggressive, all equity, allocations. We work to understand client needs and beliefs in order to appropriately allocate assets to minimize risk of loss while generating the maximum return for each client’s stated risk appetite. This includes:

  • Traditional Investment Accounts
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Donor-Advised Charitable Giving Accounts
  • 529 College Savings Accounts
  • Business, Foundation, and Trust Accounts

Comprehensive and Event-Based Financial Planning: Often, investors come to us and simply want to know: “Do I have enough to retire?”, “How long will my money last?” or “How can I make sure my grandchildren can afford to go to college – even after I’m gone?” We can help answer these questions. After thorough discussions, we provide both comprehensive and event-specific financial plans. These plans are not a one-size-fits-all, and they are not canned advice. Just as we match investments with specific client needs, we approach financial planning with each client’s unique circumstances in mind.

  • Education Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Achieving Financial Goals

Stand-Alone Investment and 401(k) Review: Comprehensive private investment management isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you want us to take a quick look at your accounts to make sure you’re on the right track, or review your 401(k) fund choices to help allocate your retirement portfolio. We’re glad to help.

Employer-Sponsored Financial Wellness Program: Through the years, our clients who own businesses have voiced concern that their employees don’t have anywhere to turn for independent, honest financial advice. We believe that this can be valuable for employees at all levels. Through our employer-sponsored financial wellness program, companies can provide an excellent benefit to their employees. We hold annual or semi-annual group sessions and then stay for private meetings with those who have questions about their investments, retirement, or overall financial picture. This is a great way for businesses to truly look out for their employees.


Annualized Management Fees

1.00% on the first $1 million managed

0.50% on the next $2 million

0.30% on the balance


Planning and Consultation Fees 

 (Free of charge for existing management clients

 Hourly Fee: $150.00 per hour 

Financial Plans starting at $200.00 

Initial consultations are free of charge.  Fees may be negotiable.

To schedule a free initial consultation, call us today at 434-455-2795. 


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